The Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency – 9 case studies

Reducing energy consumption and thereby generating substantial savings on all energy related costs is one of the key reason for the increased interest and level of investment into Energy Efficiency (EE) measures.  Indeed, energy efficiency is the one single energy resource that every country, every business, possesses in abundance. However, […]

10 benefits of energy efficiency

Collaborative Success: 9 Positive Impact Sharing Economy Companies In Europe

The launch of sharing economy companies may have its challenges, but with a collaborative spirit that listens to the community, they can yield strong positive returns. Even the most traditional industries – such as investing and manufacturing – have adapted and innovated their processes and operations to involve the community. […]

The sharing economy

P2B and P2P, Crowdfunding Vs crowdlending, what are the differences?

The sharing economy is profoundly disrupting the traditional financial system. Alternative and collaborative finance is an unstoppable trend across the globe and we hear more and more of P2B and P2P crowdfunding. P2B and P2P crowdfunding have experienced tremendous growth thanks to increased connectivity of people with a want to […]

3 Outstanding Sustainable Development Examples

Learn how municipalities can speed up sustainable development by thinking outside the box. With clean energy projects sprouting around the globe, municipalities are looking for crowdlending platforms to engage their communities while achieving environmental outcomes. Here are three sustainable development examples that were launched by municipal councils and financed through […]

three sustainable development examples

El autoconsumo llega a Viladamat

The quiet, collaborative, clean energy revolution of Viladamat 2

Viladamat is a quiet town of 440 inhabitants nestled in the hills of Alt Emporda, in the picturesque province of Girona. This small, quiet town of 440 inhabitants rarely attracts the interest of the outside world. This is all about to change, however, as the town has just embarked on […]


The renewable energy revolution is here to stay!

It could well be that what you thought you knew about the growth of renewable energy in the world is outdated.  The sector is undergoing a true revolution. Continuous increase of installed capacity and never ending technical improvements are outperforming all forecasts. Renewable energy already accounts for  45% of the […]

The energy transition is underway

It seems the energy transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources is gaining more momentum every day. At least many recent news give reason to hope. Mid March, the influential Financial Times paper had a historic front page titled: “Climate battle bears early fruit”. […]

Transición energética

How collective intelligence can create a better world, today 1

ECrowd! launches a program to streamline the due diligence process to finance sustainable energy projects Horizon 2020 Call: H2020-SMEINST-1-2015 Topic: SIE-01-2015-1 Type of action: SME-1 Proposal number: 719958 Proposal acronym: ECROWD2D Behind this mouthful of ugly and senseless acronyms hides a powerful innovation proposal set to boost the financing of […]