After your investment


Once investment-loans have been formalised, Ecrowd! will follow-up on the monthly payments from the developer. We will check the progress of the project, the payments, and distribute them to each investor.


You will receive monthly payments consisting of principal and interest of your investments on your Ecrowd! account. The obliged withholding tax will be deducted from the interest payments.


The monthly payments on your Ecrowd! account will be immediately available and can be re-invested in other loans, or paid out on your bankaccount.

Withdrawing money from your account

You can withdraw funds from your Ecrowd! account by accessing "account overview" in your personal space, and choossing "Withdraw".

Spanish legislation requires us to check you are the legal accountholder. Therefore, before your first withdrawal, you should upload a bank certificate, stating clearly your name and you bank account number (IBAN).

Fiscal information

Ecrowd! will provide you with a summary of the withheld taxes. These will also be communicated to the tax authorities and will automatically appear on your draft tax declaration.

Liquidity of the investments.

In case you need to sell your share in a loan, please contact Ecrowd! at We will put you in contact with other investors that are interested in buying your loan.

Early repayment

When a developer opts for early repayment of the loan, you will get back your principal and any remaining interests, and these will be available for re-investment or repayment on your bank account.

Delayed payments

In case a payment is delayed, Ecrowd! will claim the delayed payments.

¿Any other doubt?

Please send your mail to or contact us on 935 511 447 and we will do our best to answer you.