Frequently asked questions

What is crowdlending ?

Crowdlending is crowdfunding for loans. Interestes people lend small amounts to a company, a project or private person through a web platform, and all the small amounts together make uo for the total amountt. The person or company receiving the loan, pays periodically to each investor principal repayment and interest, according the agreed conditions.
You can find more information at wikipedia

Which kind of investments are offered at ECrowd?

ECrowd! is a crowdlending platform, meaning that you can lend money to verified and approved project investments in the real economy. These project are profitable and generate positive impact in society or the environment. Examples of such investments can be in energy efficiency, improving local telecom networks where the mayor players do not offer these services, and renewable energy.
At ECrowd! you will not find any speculative project.

How do the investments with ECrowd! work?

Very simple: each loan is published with a term (period), an fixed interest rate and a re-payment schedule. We do not apply auctions or variable interest. Each month you will receive principal and interest payments, without any cost or commission.
To invest you have to be a registered investor, you can register here. Once registered, chose the project you are interested in, and indicate the amount you would like to invest. For projects smaller than 100.000€ we request full payment, for bigger projects we request an initial downpayment of 10%. In this case we will only request the remaining amount, once enough investors have shown interest to invest, and once the external validation has been realized and approved.

More information can be found here.

How does a sudden increase in interest rates affect my investment?

The interest rates on the ECrowd! platform are fixed rates. When official rates rise, your investment might lose attractiveness compared with alternatives, but this will not affect the repayment schedule.