Cerramientos exteriores de madera certificada para camping, Fase 2. CANO-12 - Francia

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Perimeter enclosure of a campsite with the use of certified ecological wood, obtained from sustainable exploitation forests.


Collective financing to FUSTERIA EBENISTERIA R CANO, S.L. for the installation of perimeter fences made with certified woods for a campsite in the south of France.

It is a closure with design of 300 ML total with natural wood from Flanders for the 4 star Nai'a Village campsite located in the south of France, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

The product used for the project, heat-treated Flanders wood, is totally natural and pure. It does not contain chemical products. In the production process only water and steam are used, so it is safe to burn or recycle the surplus. With the heat treatment, the wood acquires a beautiful brown tone and its surface becomes very pleasant to the touch. And it has the PEFC certification, guaranteeing eco-innovation and sustainable construction.



Wood is a natural, healthy, renewable and recoverable at the end of their life cycle material. This makes it a highly recommended construction material.
It has very good technical and biological characteristics; It is especially interesting because of its ability to regulate the hygrothermal characteristics of the interior of the buildings to present a "living" parallel structure formed by hollow microchannels that are able to absorb and evaporate water from the atmosphere.
It is also a traditional high quality material that provides such important qualities as the warmth of surfaces (very stable against changes in temperature). It is also a "healthy" material that does not cause damage to human health or the environment (in the absence of treatment or not agglomerated with other products) and is necessary for this important quality is maintained using natural and healthful substances in all cases (tails to form boards, protective and wood finishes).
The thermal conductivity is very low, 400 times less than steel and 12 times less than concrete, plus thermal expansion is very low (a great advantage over aluminum and PVC joinery). The fire performance of wood has very interesting features: it does not emit toxic gases during combustion and the stability of the structure is maintained for longer periods than other materials such as steel (material there to increase benefits if necessary, as intumescent) coatings.
The Forest Stewardship Council, better known by its acronym FSC is a non-governmental organization for accreditation and certification based in Bonn, Germany.

The official mission of the Council is "to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests." Individuals or organizations interested in sustainable consumption of wood, paper and other forest derivatives may seek to obtain a FSC certification of their products. The FSC certification is also used to demonstrate sustainable forest management.
Through consultative processes, FSC develops standards and policies for sustainable forest management, in addition to accredit certification bodies to evaluate candidates for forest certification.


videos of the project

Fusteria Cano appearing in TV3 program "Empreses de referència" (video in catalan)

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This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.
This project is 100% financed and the project details and updates are only accesible to investors that have invested in this project.

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